1.What is NostraGamus?

2.Which all sports I can play?

3.How do I register?

4.I’m from Assam , Telangana & Odisha, can I play?

5.Is this Legal?

6.I can’t login, why?

7.How do I receive my cash reward?

8.How do I update/edit my information?

9.Deadline for answers

10.Why are you asking me to download a new app? Is it safe?

11.How do I change my answers?

12.What happens if a match gets abandoned?

13.I have run out of power-ups, how to get more?

14.I want to play with my friends in a group, how?

15.How do I receive my cash reward?

16.I did not receive my cash rewards?

17.How do I update my payment details?

18.I pressed “I do not want cash rewards”, what happens if I win a prize?

19.There is a bug in the app, what should I do?

20.I want to create questions for the game, how do I do that?

21.You guys are awesome, I want to work with you guys! How?